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5 Running Essentials All Beginners Should Have

Spring is right around the corner and you've made the decision to start running. First of all, we want to say congrats and welcome to the club! Being new to running, you're probably confused on what you REALLY need after having walked into your local sporting goods...

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Run Daily: Don’t Let The Weather Stop You

No matter where you live, you will most likely encounter a day in which mother nature does not cooperate with your daily exercise routine. At Vibrabeats, we always thought going for a run outside was better than hitting up the treadmill or track at your local gym....

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Music Makes You A Better Runner

Have you ever watched or ran in a road race? Visited a running path? If you have, you see many a runner or two nowadays wearing headphones as they run. This begs us to pose the question…does listening to music while running makes you a better runner? Some runners...

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Sports Headphones – What Are The Best Ones?

So when people set out to look for the best sports headphones they usually grab their phone to search the Internet. Unfortunately what the results provide is a list of wireless earbuds claiming to be the best for active people to use for all forms of exercise, from...

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Earbuds Bad…Bone Conduction Headphones Good

As you walk through the streets of a big city or the hallways of a local school you're sure to see people, both young and old, with earbuds stuffed into their ear canals. Many of which "Let the rhythm pound!" as referenced in a Black Eyed Peas song titled "Play It...

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