So you’re a software developer at a white-hot startup on a dev team pushing out tons of code. You’re packed into some temporary (and cheap) office space. However, you’re amped at the opportunity to work on creating a piece of software that will change the world. There’s caffeine (in several forms), bright lighting and dozens of devs cranking away all with the same goal…to make something amazing!

But where is the music?

Well… it’s streaming through headphones of all shapes and sizes. Over-ear or earbud, noise canceling or not. The common theme in offices across the world is a group of people in their own “little world” listening to music as they build something. Working but not always working together.

Headphones Deter Software Developer Collaboration

Headphones have become a barrier that deters communication for a software developer…like a modern day “do not disturb” sign. We wear them on the train, bus, whatever, to take us away from the commute and the people in it, on a daily basis. But this sort of isolation doesn’t really work well in the workplace. Management wants collaboration, free-flowing conversation and agility and they want everyone working together. In the software world, this is key. Having an office that doesn’t stimulate collaboration can hinder the development timeline.

Bone conduction technology allows computer programmers and dev teams to work in a team environment with the ability to communicate and collaborate while maintaining the ability to listen to music, audio books or join teleconference calls.

If you are a software developer, we would like to introduce you to the Vibrabeats Vidonn bone conduction headphone. With the Vibrabeats Vidonn bone conducting headphones you can now listen to anything. Skype calls, music, Audible…absolutely anything…and still interact with the world around you. Our headphones deliver that sound (really well) without muting the world around you so you are free to listen to others, talk, help, collaborate…without missing a beat and without a thought. Vibrabeats are the best headphones for the office…plain and simple.

Try a pair today for a better way to listen…to everything.

Save the over-ears for the train.


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