Bone conduction headphones have become a new buzz word in the athletic community. The main reason…bone conduction technology allows active people to participate in the sports they love and listen to music safely. By use of an open ear design, this technology gives you the ability to be motivated by your tunes and know what’s going on around you as you exercise. However, this is nothing new. In reality, this so-called “new” technology has actually been around for centuries.

What Is Bone Conduction Technology?

So first let’s back up a little bit. Bone conduction technology allows you to hear sound through vibrations that travel through the bones of your face. The cochlea, located in the inner ear, receives these vibrations. This allows you to hear while your ears to remain open to hear other sounds, making listening to headphones in public places safer. Plus this technology has helped people who have suffered hearing damage to their eardrums to hear again. Bone conduction achieves an effect equal to hearing directly by means of the ears.

Brief History Of Bone Conduction

The theory of bone conduction is really remarkable. It was officially discovered back in the 1500’s by a brilliant man by the name of Girolamo Cardano. A physician, mathematician, and philosopher by trade; he figured out that it was possible to hear through a rod (or spear) when held between a person’s teeth. He published his findings in one of his works entitled “De Subtilitate”. Unfortunately, this knowledge was only thought of as a theory until much later.

In 1711, John Shore used bone conduction technology to invent the tuning fork. Shortly thereafter, Ludwig Van Beethoven, who suffered from hearing loss, used bone conduction to help him hear musical notes. As he composed music he placed his baton against his teeth while the other end rested upon his piano. The vibration created allowed him to hear what he was writing. Although both were for musical purposes, unknowingly Beethoven was just beginning to test the use of bone conduction as a hearing aid device.

Integrating Bone Conduction Technology Into Headphones

Today, people with normal or impaired hearing use bone conduction technology. Here are 5 different ways bone conduction headphones are being used…

As Sports Headphones For Active People – Now active people have a way to listen to music while participating in their favorite sports while STAYING SAFE! Bone conduction headphones allow active people to keep their ears open to hear their environment as they are being motivated by their favorite playlist.

Helping People With Hearing Loss Listen To Music- Bone conduction technology has been a life-altering invention for many people suffering from hearing loss. Bone conduction has been used in BAHA, bone anchored hearing aid, devices since 1977. Now with the integration of this technology into a headphone, such as Vibrabeats, people with hearing loss can now enjoy music while wearing their hearing aid device.

Communication In The Military –  One of the first to adopt the use of bone conduction headphones, the military saw the usefulness of these headphones in allowing soldiers to hear tactical instructional communication while also being able to hear the noises of their surrounding environment in the battlefield.

In The Workplace – Have you ever walked up to a co-worker or employee and had to wave your hands in their face to get their attention because they were wearing earbuds? We’re sure you have! Bone conduction headphones are excellent for the workplace. An employee can listen to their music in the background and still contribute to the team at the same time.

Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Headphones

We love bone conduction technology. We think it is important to stay motivated and see the importance music plays in many of our lives. Our mission is to create the best bone conduction headphones on the market for every day use and we believe we have. After months of research, we were able to develop Vibrabeats…waterproof, wireless headphones that use bone conduction technology! As mentioned above, our OpenEar design allows your ears to be left open to hear your surroundings. These bone conduction headphones are the safest headphones on the market and are perfect for people to enjoy no matter what activities they are participating in while staying aware of their surroundings. Try Vibrabeats today…we know you’ll love them!


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