Bone Conduction Technology…It’s Safe & Natural

Why Bone Conduction Technology?

When you wear traditional headphones you are listening to sound using your eardrums. A safer alternative is to use headphones that incorporate bone conduction technology into their design. Now you can listen to your favorite music and keep your ears from being blocked. Bone conduction technology sends sound through the bones in your face, instead of through your ears. In order to do this, Vibrabeats use transducers, instead of speakers. Your cheekbones relay the sound vibrations directly to your cochleas. This allows your eardrums to remain free to hear your surroundings while you enjoy your favorite activity. The result…the safest wireless headphones ever created.

How Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Technology Works.
Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Testimonial

What Does It Feel Like?

Amazing. Nothing beats the first time you take Vibrabeats bone conduction headphones for a spin, it’s gonna be an incredible experience. Imagine listening to Drake’s latest hit and being able to hear a bird chirping at the same time. Your friend talking to you or…a car horn honking while you are running with headphones on.  You can enjoy your favorite music or audio book and hear the environment you’re in at the same time. People tell us Vibrabeats headphones simply blow their mind.

Vibrations? Yeah…you might feel a little if the volume is cranked up. But after the first couple of times, you wear them it will go unnoticed. You’re going to be way too focused on the listening experience.

When we hear our customers describe this experience they use words like incredible,  feeling like a superhero, and most importantly having a feeling of being safe in their surroundings. The experience of listening to music with your eardrums open to your surroundings is truly an unbelievable one. We can’t do it justice trying to describe it, you really have to try out a pair of Vibrabeats wireless headphones and experience it for yourself.


Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Technology


Audio so finely tuned you won’t believe that it’s traveling through your bones. Our SoundPitch+ technology guarantees a revolutionary 360 degree audio experience. You’ll enjoy a wide dynamic range of bone conduction audio with plenty of bass… perfectly balanced for your favorite music and voice.

Vibrabeats Waterproof Bone Conduction Headphones


The Vibrabeats Vidonn wireless headphones have a durable design and are IP55 certified allowing them to power through everything from workouts to running in rainy weather. Truely built with the active individual in mind and to keep up with you.


Work Great For People With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is usually due to damage to the eardrums. Bone conduction technology doesn’t use the eardrums, allowing people with hearing difficulties to have a set of wireless headphones that allow them to hear sounds clearly again. This is provided that the hearing damage is confined to the eardrum and that their cochlea is in healthy and normal working condition.

This technology also works to prevent hearing loss. With traditional over the ear headphones, sound is trapped in a vacuum type scenario where sound pounds on the eardrums. With earbuds it’s even worse as they rest inside the ear canal. This type of abuse over extended periods of time, especially at high volumes, can lead to hearing problems and eventually hearing loss. Since Vibrabeats rest on your cheekbones and transmit sound through vibration in your bone to your cochlea…there is less risk of eardrum abuse. Less eardrum abuse equals less chance of hearing loss.

Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Headphones Close Up

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