Runners Love Vibrabeats

We all have either experienced it or witnessed it in the communities we live in. The sudden close call a runner has with a car driving down the street when they are out for their daily run. Many runners love to be motivated by their favorite tunes as they are out training. Running headphones have come a long way in a short time…improved Bluetooth connectivity and battery technology, but not all of them put the runner’s safety at the forefront. As a runner, you can find a range of running headphones and earbuds to suit your running and listening needs, but being active people who love to run, we wanted to create headphones that were runner friendly and SAFE!

Running With Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Headphones

Vibrabeats wireless bone conduction headphones are the safest running headphones on the market to use for running. Why? The reason is the technology. By integrating bone conduction technology into our headphones using our OpenEar™ design, our headphones allow you to listen to your favorite music while keeping your ears open to hear the sounds of your surrounding environment. This is different than traditional headphones or earbuds that block your eardrums from being able to hear these sounds.

Why Vibrabeats Are Perfect Headphones For Runners

Time and time again we hear from runners and running groups across the country on how much they love their Vibrabeats running headphones. Here are the main reasons why you should give Vibrabeats bone conduction headphones a try…

Safety – Our OpenEar™ design allows you to run with confidence. Runners constantly tell us stories on how they have avoided being hit by drivers who never looked before turning because they could actually hear the sounds coming from the car’s engines. Get a sense of safety even if you choose not to run on the streets by being able to hear people coming up behind and to the sides of you.

Comfort – Many runners can’t stand running with wired headphones, over the ear headphones or earbuds for the simple fact that they aren’t comfortable to wear. They either get pulled out or off your ears or don’t stay put. With Vibrabeats you don’t have to worry about that. First, our bone conduction headphones are wireless! Absolutely no wires to get in your way as you train. Second, they have a super durable titanium band construction that lets them sit perfectly around your ears and snug to your head.

Stable Bluetooth Connectivity – Runners are sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money for wireless headphones that frequently lose connection and issues with trying to link them up. This isn’t the case with Vibrabeats. We have tested them over and over to make sure we are providing the best wireless connection. Utilizing the latest in Bluetooth technology, Vibrabeats provide a stable connection to your mobile device for continued listening pleasure.

Long Battery Life – Do you like to go for long runs? Well, don’t worry about your Vibrabeats being able to keep up with you. Our headphones have an extended battery life, being able to last for up to 6 hours on one charge!


The Vibrabeats Vidonn Titanium Wireless are perfect for the everyday runner. These bone conduction headphones are the safest alternative to traditional sports headphones and earbuds.


  • OpenEar™ design for runner safety
  • Durable titanium construction
  • Comfortable fit
  • Sweat & rain proof
  • Great sound quality
  • Available in Blue, Green or Gray


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