Spring is right around the corner and you’ve made the decision to start running.

First of all, we want to say congrats and welcome to the club! Being new to running, you’re probably confused on what you REALLY need after having walked into your local sporting goods store or started searching the web for running gear. You’re probably saying to yourself…”man do I really need all this?” We’ve all been there. Don’t sweat before you even get to start sweating. We have you covered. In this blog, we’ll cover the essentials every beginning runner should have before they hit the street to start training.

No matter why you made the decision to start running, we are happy you did. Influenced by some friends on Facebook or Instagram posting pictures in their colorful running gear and thought it might be cool? Or maybe you just thought you wanted to get some outdoor exercise after being cooped up inside all winter. Before you start, these are the 5 things you need that will help you along your journey…

5 Running Gear Essentials

  • Good Pair Of Sneakers – The most important part of all materials a runner needs is a good pair of running sneakers. The fit should be snug but also allow a bit of room at the toe. Visit your area running store to get fit for a pair. Picking one that fits the curvatures of your feet important. This will not only make your run more enjoyable but also will help increase performance.
  • Dry Fit Clothing – Although style may not be the in the forefront of your mind when it comes to going out for a daily run, breathable, sweat-resistant clothing will help to keep you comfortable. A dry wick tee and pair of shorts will help to keep your body cool. They will also help to reduce any skin irritation from rubbing.
  • Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is key to a successful run. Not only should you make sure you keep up your intake of water before your run but also while you’re on your run. There are many different kinds of wearable water pouches or bottles that are easy to attach to your body, making it easily accessible to keep up your H2O levels.

Running Technology You’ll Need

  • GPS Running App – Even if you know the lay of the land of the neighborhood or area you are running in, a reliable GPS app will let you track distance and time. Another feature to look for on a running app is for goal setting. This way you know where you are going, how far, and how to set goals to increase the productivity of your runs.
  • Safe Headphones – If you are like me, I can’t get in the mood for a workout without my tunes. Good music keeps me motivated and also helps with my endurance level. Being a runner, we wanted to develop the best pair of running headphones. That’s why Vibrabeats use bone conduction technology, which means they do not sit in your ear canals. This is important to me as I run on the road most of the time. I know I’m safer with Vibrabeats on. Traditional headphones or earbuds would prevent me from hearing cars coming from behind me as I run.

Vibrabeats Bone Conduction Headphones For The Runner

Being active people that run and love music, we wanted a set of headphones that would keep us safe as we run or participate in our favorite sports activities. We compared tons of brands of headphones and didn’t find what we were looking for. Ultimately, we wanted to develop wireless headphone that kept the every day runner safe. After months of tirelessly searching and a lot of research, we were able to develop Vibrabeats…waterproof, wireless headphones that use bone conduction technology! Our OpenEar™ design keeps your ears open to hear your surroundings. Sound is transmitted using vibrations through your cheekbones to your cochlea. These headphones are the safest headphones on the market and are perfect for runners to enjoy their favorite activities while staying aware of their surroundings. Give a set of Vibrabeats a try today…we know you’ll love them!


Vibrabeats Gray Bone Conduction Headphones

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