No matter where you live, you will most likely encounter a day in which mother nature does not cooperate with your daily exercise routine. At Vibrabeats, we always thought going for a run outside was better than hitting up the treadmill or track at your local gym. Sometimes the gym is your only option.

Why Run Indoors

There are advantages to running indoors. For one, the weather is no longer a factor. It will be dry and warm, and it won’t get your shiny new pair of running shoes all muddy.

The second advantage is it provides a consistent base for training. Whether you are running on an indoor track or on the treadmill, the terrain can be the same which allows you to complete the same workout and compare your results week to week.

Another plus is you don’t have to worry about running out of daylight. When we run outdoors we always make sure to run during the day for safety. This is tough for most people. Usually, it involves rushing out of work in time to squeeze in your daily run before the sun goes down, especially during the winter. Time has no boundaries on a gym.

3 More Benefits Of Indoor Running

You’re In Control Of Your Workout

Most people when they run outdoors have a specific route that they train on daily. This can get mundane after awhile and doesn’t necessarily work all of your muscles. By sometimes taking your run indoors you will be able to control your workout. Treadmills nowadays are pretty advanced and are often preprogrammed with a variety of workout plans. By having the power to alter more variables, you can easily work towards your running goals in an efficient manner.

Friends To Run With

When working out we like to have someone with us to use as a motivator. During the cold winter months, it is often hard to find a running buddy. By being willing to take your training indoors you are more likely to find someone to run with you.

Better For Your Joints

Going for a run indoors can also be easier on your joints. The track or treadmill provide a cushioned base that the road or trail outdoors does not. This absorbs some of the impact caused by running. This can be a huge relief to anyone with frequent knee pain, back issues or shin splints.

Running Headphones A Must

Just like running outdoors, don’t forget your headphones as those tunes are still important in keeping you motivated through your workout routine. Even at the gym, a great pair of Vibrabeats headphones are the ultimate running headphones as they allow you to hear the activity of the gym while allowing you to hear your new workout playlist through bone conduction technology. Exercising indoors can be just as dangerous as running on the road if you are not aware of your surroundings and Vibrabeats headphones keep you safe.

Even if mother nature does not allow you to run outside, there are many bonuses that go along with visiting your local gym for a cardio workout. Either way, you are still exercising. Your body and heart will appreciate you not using the weather outside as an excuse not to get in your daily run. Happy Running!


Vibrabeats Gray Bone Conduction Headphones

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