So when people set out to look for the best sports headphones they usually grab their phone to search the Internet. Unfortunately what the results provide is a list of wireless earbuds claiming to be the best for active people to use for all forms of exercise, from working out at the gym to running. Imagine if you could find the perfect headphones that worked well for all sports. We set out to create the ultimate wireless sports headphones. Ones that were great for the gym, running….plus cycling, hiking, skiing…even bouncing on a pogo stick!

This begged us to ask the question…so what really makes a set of headphones the ‘best sports headphones’? No doubt, a good set of sports headphones are definitely worth the investment. There’s plenty of research that proves the right genre and tempo of beats can keep you in the zone longer. This pushes you to maximize your workouts. Working hardest at your peak. This is why before developing our Vibrabeats Vidonn’s, we interviewed a bunch of active people and asked what features they thought would be the most important when looking for their ideal sports headphones.

Top 5 Features Of The Best Sports Headphones

What we found boiled down only to these five…

1. Being Waterproof. While ‘normal’ headphones can work well for exercise, they aren’t built to stand up to the conditions we all train in. If you’re running and get caught in heavy rain or, more importantly, sweat when exercising fiercely, you need them to be waterproof. If not, sweat or rain will destroy them leaving you with a useless pile of junk that you probably paid really good money for! That’s why our Vibrabeats Vidonn wireless headphones are IP55 certified. They are sweatproof and rain resistant. But that doesn’t mean to go jump into a pool with them on. They are waterproof, but not rated for immersion in water (ie: for use while swimming).

2. Secure But Comfortable Fit.  With so many designs to choose from…which one is the right one? Some wrap tightly around your head, go over your ears, around your ears…even nestle tightly in your ear canals. Our research indicated the best types of sports headphones simply need to fit securely and comfortably. A headphone that’s lightweight, durable and stays put when performing an activity such as running. Many people we spoke with complained that the over the ear and in your ear designs weren’t comfortable because they never seem to fit right. Our solution…an open ear, over the ear design. These allow them to sit snug on your head, resting perfectly behind your ears. This keeps your ears free from obstruction. By including a titanium wrap around band they stay put and have a sturdy construction. Plus these headphones only weigh 38 grams!

3. Environmental awareness. Safety is of utmost importance in sports headphones. Being aware of your surroundings is very important and could be the difference between life or death in some cases. Each person we spoke to shared a bunch of stories of ‘close calls’ that they could vividly recall. The cause…not being able to hear what was going on around them. Whether it was cycling or running on the roads or listening to instructions from a trainer at Crossfit, deafening yourself to the outside world leaves you vulnerable to the dangers of your surroundings. We believe in putting your safety first. How you might be wondering? By the use of bone conduction technology. With Vibrabeats active people can listen to their favorite music and also safely hear their environment.

4. Wireless. We no longer live in a wired world. We heard over and over again that there’s nothing more annoying and counterproductive than a set of wired headphones. Cable snags were a huge complaint… getting caught on the back of your neck, your clothing or even the handles of a treadmill and then being ripped out of your ears. We’ve been there and agree! Vibrabeats are wireless with the latest in Bluetooth technology providing the most stable, uninterrupted connection found on the market.

5. Decent sound quality. This feature is important but the least important one in sports headphones compared to the other four we listed. Most active people enjoy being able to hear their favorite beats as they workout. They are motivated by them, using them as a training focus. We’ve all run up the steps like Rocky listening to Eye Of The Tiger (even if we fell to our knees once we reached the top!). You aren’t looking to analyze your music. Not looking to pick out undetected nuances in a Mozart concerto or concerned with how Freddy’s falsettos sound in that 70’s rock compilation or the throbbing bass of your favorite hip-hop artist. But you do want solid sound! Vibrabeats gives you a nicely balanced EQ with a perfectly blended mix of lows, highs and mid-range tones…allowing you to be motivated to move by your favorite artist.

The Best Sports Headphones Ever Created

All that said we feel that you will agree with us when we say that we have created the best sports headphones on the market. Our Vibrabeats Vidonn Titanium Wireless bone conduction headphones weren’t just made with active people in mind. They were specifically designed to meet the needs of active people by active people. We knew if they didn’t pass our test, they wouldn’t pass yours! We’d love for you to give them a try and let us know if you agree.


Vibrabeats Gray Bone Conduction Headphones

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